My name is Alessandro shinoda, I'm a painter, born and raised in Brazil and living in Toronto, Canada. I have always been interested in art my whole life. If you'd asked me back in 1986 when I was eight years old what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would've answered "an artist". I wanted to draw. So I did. Some years later my mom gave me a few oil paints and I instantly fell in love with painting. Some few more years passed and I became a photographer.
In 2020 I started having visions of images while I was in that state of half-awaken and half-sleeping prior to waking up. That was then when I decided to start applying on canvas what I was "receiving" or "creating". These paintings are a series of landscapes with glimpses of what we are used to seeing in real life, the odd shapes with their colours depicting ideas and possibilities of what the creative process of the subconscious mind can present to us.
I call this series "Landscapes of Subconsciousness".

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